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Foundations of Personal Finance (3-hour Duration)

  • 1Day


Thank you for considering our "Foundations of Personal Finance" course. Within a focused 3-hour window, here's a snapshot of what you'll learn: Introduction to Personal Finance (15 minutes): Importance of financial literacy and management. Budgeting and Saving (20 minutes): Creating a budget and the significance of savings. Credit and Loans (15 minutes): Basics of credit scores and loan impacts. Insurance and Risk Management (15 minutes): Overview of key insurance types and their relevance. Investment Basics (20 minutes): Introduction to common investments and risk considerations. Retirement Planning (20 minutes): Early planning essentials and overview of retirement accounts. Taxation Basics (15 minutes): Principles of taxation and its personal finance impact. Recap and Next Steps (15 minutes): Key takeaways and guidance on further resources. This condensed format is tailored to give you a clear, concise understanding of personal finance's core aspects. With these insights, you'll be better equipped to navigate your financial future.

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USD 350.00


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