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Real Estate Investing for Beginners

  • 4Days


Venture into real estate investing with this concise 4-day course. Here's your compact schedule: Day 1: Intro & Investment Types (2 hours) Introduction to Real Estate (30 minutes): Basics and significance. Types of Real Estate Investments (1 hour 30 minutes): A look at various investment options: residential, commercial, and more. Day 2: Financing & Management (2 hours) Financing Real Estate (50 minutes): Loans, mortgages, and more. Managing Investments (50 minutes): Property management and handling tenants. Quick Dive into Deal Analysis (20 minutes): Assessing property value and returns. Day 3: Risks, Rewards & Taxation (2 hours) Risks vs. Rewards (40 minutes): Weighing potential returns against challenges. Real Estate Tax Basics (1 hour 20 minutes): Tax implications and strategies for properties and rentals. Day 4: Portfolio Building & Wrap-up (2 hours) Building a Real Estate Portfolio (1 hour): Strategies for diversified investments. Course Recap and Next Steps (1 hour): Review and guidance on future endeavors. After this course, you'll be well-prepared to start your journey in real estate investing.

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USD 1,000.00


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