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Cryptocurrency and Blockchain Basics (4 days x 2h)

  • 4Days


Dive deep into the cryptocurrency ecosystem with this intensive 4-day program. Each day provides 2 hours of focused learning. Here's your streamlined schedule: Day 1: Introduction & Blockchain (2 hours) Cryptocurrencies Unveiled (40 minutes): Understanding their origins and importance. Blockchain: The Underlying Technology (50 minutes): Grasping its role and significance. Acquiring & Storing Cryptocurrencies (30 minutes): A guide to purchases and safe storage. Day 2: Trading & ICOs (2 hours) Cryptocurrency Trading Basics (40 minutes): Entering the world of crypto markets. Risk Management Essentials (40 minutes): Safeguarding your investments. ICOs and Token Sales Overview (40 minutes): Understanding crypto fundraising mechanisms. Day 3: Regulations & Market Dynamics (2 hours) Regulatory Landscape (50 minutes): The legalities of digital currencies. Market Dynamics and Trading Psychology (40 minutes): Analyzing market behavior and trader sentiments. Quick Recap (30 minutes): Refreshing key points. Day 4: The Future & Recap (2 hours) Future Trends and Challenges (50 minutes): Glimpsing ahead in the crypto world. Course Summary and Forward Path (1 hour): Wrapping up and guiding on next steps. Post this course, you'll possess a solid foundation to navigate the evolving world of cryptocurrencies confidently.

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